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My name is Simone Verstoep and together with my family am I the owner of Sennwarts Kennel which  is situated in Drenthe the Northern part of The Netherlands.

We live at the countryside and therefore we have lots of space for our beloved breed.

I own Bernese Mountain dogs since 1994, but only since 2004 we are involved in breeding.


We really don't breed often because our dogs  are our family members in the first place.

And our bitches produce with a maximum of 3 litters each during their lifetime.

If our dogs can't participate in breeding anymore they will stay in our family till the end of time.


Our puppies are being raised in the living room which will be turned into a 'Kindergarten'.

The main goal we have for our offspring is outcross breeding,health, long lives, wonderful stabile characters and tested HD/ED and DM. Puppy's are tested on livershunt. 


We hope you enjoy our Website and feel free to contact us.


Simone  & Jan Alderliesten
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